Ecuador Travel: Be Prepared for your Ecuador Vacation

Are you planning an Ecuador vacation? Well, planning just got easier, cover all your bases with this quick fact guide to Ecuador. With basic Ecuador travel information you will be fully prepared for your exciting vacation.

Bordered by Peru and Columbia, Ecuador sits in the north of South America, with its west coast bordered by the Pacific Ocean, its easy accessibility to neighboring countries and the ocean make it the perfect place for your South America travel. Ecuador has four geographical regions, the highlands, the Amazon, the coast, and off its shores the Galapagos Islands. With such diverse regions it is important to consider the climatic changes for each region so you are properly prepared for your Ecuador travel, where ever it may be.

If you plan on visiting the Ecuador highlands be sure to pack in layers! Through the day temperatures will change drastically, from cool mornings to warm afternoons and back to chilly temperatures at night, sometimes as low as 5C. The Ecuadorian Amazon could not be any different, as its steady hot and humid climate lasts throughout the year. The humidity in this region is only amplified by the rainy season from January to May. The coast of Ecuador is perfect for relaxing on the beach; the best beach weather is between January and May, which coincides with the rainy season. Though rain should be expected in the afternoons, these are the best months for beach activity, as mornings and early afternoons are filled with sunshine. The dry season on the coast often brings overcast skies and cooler temperatures, not as desirable for beach fun. The Galapagos Islands, often visited for its diverse and unique wildlife, are great all year round; however misty skies can be found during the dry season from June to December.

Once you have your dates picked for your Ecuador travel it is important to get all the paperwork and documents needed for your vacation done ahead of time. All nationals entering Ecuador as a tourist need a passport valid for six months after their expected travel dates. As for Ecuador’s VISA requirements, Ecuador does not require a VISA for Australian, British, Canadian, or US citizens for stays up to 90 days.

When it comes to getting to Ecuador, most major airlines fly one of the country’s major airports. The two major airports of Ecuador can be found in Quito and Guayaquil. Quito’s airport, Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre and Guayaquil’s airport, Aeropuerto Simon Bolivar, are both international airports, and your flight should be booked in accordance to your Ecuador travel plans and destinations.